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02 September 2014

DNN EVOQ Content Management System

DNN Professional has now been modified to a DNN Evoq business suite of applications. Businesses of today can greatly benefit from such integrated enterprise solutions and ensure that managing their website in terms of content, functionalities and performance is made easy. Well, that’s not all, Enterprises can leverage from the limitless possibilities that Evoq Content from DNN offers. This includes the ability to build social intranet, extranet websites, ecommerce website, mobile websites and lots more with hundreds of extra DNN modules, skins, granular permissions, ecommerce engine, high performance caching features, rapid mobile website creation and lots more interesting features for websites of all sizes to take advantage of.

DNN Evoq offers great value to businesses. Being a powerful, robust and extensible platform used by thousands of businesses worldwide, DNN supports simple to complex web systems efficiently.

Here are some of the undeniable features that DNN Evoq content management system offers:


Easy to use – yet powerful

DNN Evoq provides easy to use content management systems that can be handled by a non technical administrator too. Simple drag and drop functionalities, clean interface, autosave features and roll back facilities ensure that you can go back if anything goes wrong. Such a powerful system ensures that your website is stable while you make changes.

Highly Extensible

DNN development is highly evolved and the APIs provide developers with the right tools to work on functionalities that serve the current trends. DNN is fully customizable with external or third party DNN modules that can take your website to the next level. Skins and modules can be applied on the go to add functionality.

Secure Platform

Granular permissions ensure that you can track who can view, delete, add or edit content to your system. This helps maintain your website and you can also get a whole audit history for your CMS. You can also ensure that you get alerts when changes are made. Permissions can also be assign on page level, module or folder level.

Document Management Features

Files and folders and documents can be shared online and you can manage access for users and groups for each file and folder. Evoq content has a Digital Content Manager to assist you with this.

Mobile Ready

Evoq content ensures that you are able to develop mobile versions of your website within a short period of time. It provides you with adaptive templates and device auto detection facilities. This makes websites more relevant for a mobile user.

Ecommerce Capabilities

Evoq also provides excellent ecommerce capabilities for updating product information, updating new content for advertising etc.


Multi lingual websites and the ability to synchronize content in additional languages is easy with DNN Evoq Content.

Other than this, businesses can look forward to a great support system for all their queries and DNN has great documentation and manuals that can help you configure just about anything. DNN developers can assist you with setting up of your website, to maintenance and support too


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