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17 June 2014

Think Responsively : Get Responsive Web And Mobile Solutions With DotNetNuke

In a nutshell, responsive design is a practice of designing and developing websites that adapts the content and functionality for the device on which they are being viewed. The most important aspect of a responsive site is that it responds to the screen size presenting content in the most best way possible to the users. It looks simpler to get a responsive website but it actually involves a strategy.


A typical web page can easily have hundred rules which are valid right now and which don’t have an effect till the screen changes. You need to check on lot of rules like page alignments, margin size, font-in-the-search-box etc. to stay organized. But there is an important shortcut i.e BREAKPOINTS. Breakpoint actually refers to pixel width where one design layout along the range of screen sizes, gives way to another. The most common breakpoints begin at 320px for smartphones and increase to cover the wide range of tablets, notebooks and desktops.


In this blog post, lets discuss some of the reasons to Think Responsively while designing and developing a website or a mobile app.

Provides better user experience

Your customers will have a much better experience viewing your content across multiple mobile operating system. What they viewed at work from a desktop will be easily viewed at home on their tablet or smartphone responsively.



A responsive website is cost effective to host and manage - one site versus separate desktop, tablet and mobile sites.


Faster load times

No URL redirects are required for users to get to the device-optimized view and this reduces the load time which is excellent for end users.


Mobile to desktop sharing

Using a single URL makes it easier and more likely that users will like, share and link to your content – a real value plus for your business!


Better Search Engine Indexing

A single URL also helps Google's algorithms index your content properly and correctly for display in organic search result pages. Google’s bots only need to crawl your site once as opposed to many times. This can indirectly help Google index and then list more of your website’s content on the SERP.


Gain a competitive edge

Your end users will be immensely impressed that you've gone responsive. Also, they’ll sense that your brand is up-to-date, successful and that you know what they need.


By 2015, it is predicted that mobile devices will completely take over desktops as the most popular way to access the web. Individual mobile search have increased by 77% even in the places likely to have a desktop computer. People now-a-days prefer their smartphone or tablet to search on web as it is more convenient and quicker. Mobile devices are becoming the instrument of choice in this high-tech world.

To sum up, people these days don’t prefer to get up, boot their PC’s and then start their search. They no longer feel upgrading or purchasing a new desktop. So, have your business gone responsive. Whether you experienced a mobile optimized website? Do you feel your clients and future customers leave your website if it’s not responsive? Comment and share your views in the reply box below…!



  • Nice one , i got more information about responsive for mobile application
    2/12/2015 7:23:21 AM
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