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25 August 2014

Top Business Benefits of DotNetNuke (DNN)

If you are deciding which platform to use for your next web venture, and are considering DNN as a possible option, you are probably looking for some advice, or some kind of benefits that this framework can offer as compared to all other open source frameworks out there. Well, to begin with, let’s introduce ourselves to what DNN actually is. DNN is a web content management system, that is based on Microsoft technologies. It uses VB.NET and recently even includes C# (from v6.0). The community edition of this platform is open source and Enterprise and Professional editions are licensed.

Now let’s discuss the top benefits of using DNN for your business:

Content Editing and Creation Made Easy

Being a content management system, the first task of DNN is to make content management easy – even for a novice. DNN does fulfill this criteria to the fullest. It makes content editing and content creation for a new user easy with it’s rich text editor and many available options to create great text.

Features and Advanced Features

Whether you use the built in features or third party DNN extensions and modules, you get ample features for your business. If you still want something new and innovative, you can get a custom module or extension created to suit your business requirements. These DNN extensions can be very useful for businesses of all sizes. Email management, blog management, multilingual abilities, any or all features you wish could be easily added.


Thorough in built security is a feature of dotnetnuke that businesses look for. User groups can be created and each group can be given it’s own security based on the operations. Most of the CMS’ available today require third party security modules to be installed, DNN offers a highly secure architecture built in.

Highly Flexible Platform

DNN is built on ASP.NET and can be extended as per your business requirements. It can also be integrated with other business applications making it more flexible – especially if the business applications are Microsoft based.

Satisfies the Need For Speed for websites and has a Portal Based Architecture

Efficient code base ensures that website speed is optimum for browsing and reduces your bounce rates. The portal based architecture ensures that you can run many websites within one DNN installation.

A Great option for web apps and intranets

It is most widely implemented for web applications and intranet portals. DNN ensures that you have a robust platform with easy integration ability for all your business applications.

Proven, Established and well supported solution

DNN has powered a lot of website on the web. Approx 700000 websites till date. Some stunning examples are Verizon, USAA, WeightWatchers, Bose, NASCAR, Cornell University, Dannon etc. Well, It also has a solid Microsoft backing.

DNN is a great platform for web applications. It has evolved over the past decade and will continue to provide users with high performing, highly secure and highly flexible solutions that scale as businesses grow and reach new heights


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