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20 August 2014

How To Run DNN In The Amazon Cloud (AWS)

DotNetNuke and AWS has recently updated their services, DNN annouced the major release with DNN 7 and AWS has seen a great improvement in the AWS Management Console as well as look and feel of the Iaas. There are other improvements as well in DNN - like a complete change in the UI, modern interface, simplified control panel, better drag and drop feature for modules etc.

The Amazon web services have also improved to certain extent and there is a lot of information available to the users who are new to cloud technology. Even if the user don’t have an account in Amazon, he can set up virtual servers in minutes without much hassle.

In this blog post, we will discuss the simple steps that will help you set up with a working cloud based DNN 7.

To get started with, you’ll need an account for the Amazon web services and if you already have an Amazon account just skip this paragraph. But, if you don’t have an Amazon account, visit aws.amazon.com and sign up. Once you have successfully logged in at the console.amazon.com you’ll see a dashboard. Select EC2 service and move to the EC2 Service Dashboard.


Select a specific region and once you’re sure that you’ve selected the right region you can navigate to the “Launch Instance” button.


STEP 1: Choose an Amazon Machine Image on which we want to run our EC2 server. An AMI is a template that contains software configuration for specific use-case. But as want to run a pre-configured DNN on AWS, simply select Community AMIs and type DNN in the search box.


STEP 2: Select an Instance Type which will host our DNN. Then click on Review and Launch which will lead us to the final step.







Don’t get confused as you’ll directly move to step 7(as there is a shortcut within the GUI). Our new DNN is successfully created in the AWS cloud and can be accessed via HTTP. Just configure security groups to access DNN 7.3.


If you wish to open the server to the internet TCP traffic simply select Custom TCP Rule>Define 80 in the Port Range box>Review and Launch. You are ready to launch EC2 instance with a running DNN. Specify key pair which is needed for remote access to the EC2 machine. Simply select Create a new Key Pair>specify name>download


Once you have launched the instance, it will take 5-10 minutes to set up DNN. You can check status of your instances context of the EC2 service. The Status Checks indicates whether your instance is still running and if it is running you can use the DNS and call it via web browser. Now you’ve to just enter the host password and valid email address to continue and if you follow the above steps you’ll be able to set up DNN easily and within no time…!



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