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15 August 2014

Steps To Building A Great Online Community

The companies believe that building an online community for their business requires a lot of time, effort and money. In fact, now-a-days building an online community has become a lot easier due to ease of technology, innovative platforms and tools. Some communities are simple consisting of only forums while others are quite complicated with groups, wiki, blogs, discussion forum etc. Selecting the right tools for building your online community is not that hard but how will you determine what is the proper setup for your community.

Every online community website requires tools and DNN platform comes with all the necessary tools that you need to build a successful online community for your business. User Profiles, Member Directory, Journal, Messaging and Groups are some of the basic and powerful features included in the DNN platform. But how will you achieve success with your community website. Here are some simple and effective steps for building, managing and measuring a online community success.

Know your business well

The customers will never recognize you as a market leader if you does not provide great insights, knowledge or in-depth studies that your potential customers think is highly valuable to them. When you proactively share some valuable inputs with your customers, you know your business and your peers will respect you ultimately your customers will also choose you.

Choose the platform wisely

There are many community development platforms available in the market today for building an online community for your business. However, it is difficult to choose one. But you can choose the best one considering some points such as scalability, platform stability, mobile capabilities, development cost, out-of-the-box plug-ins, license free, support and maintenance. One such platform is DNN which provides out-of-the-box features and functionality to develop an successful online community for your business.

Invite participation

Engaging experts and industry leaders is a effective way to gain insights from the top people in business. Once you have created space for people to interact make sure you provide to your users high quality content. Engage your members in different ways and seek their active participation by suggesting activities they could involve in. New age consumer wants some more extra and if you provide them extra they probably could start liking you and may be even loving you.

Focus on long term engagement

Many companies expect results immediately from their online community platform. Instead maintaining a community is a long-term activity and needs quality content, discussions, engagement activities and awareness building activities in order to get the desired results. All you need to do is focus throughout the journey of building, managing and maintaining a community to get results.

A successful community can be easily achieved. Just focus on the basic points and think about building a strong relationship with your customers rather than seeing them as a mere audience. Are you thinking of building your own online community? Then consider the above points and leverage maximum benefits from your online community thus building a better business!



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