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14 August 2014

An Overview Of DotNetNuke Responsive Skin Frameworks

DotNetNuke offers complete solution for responsive skin designing, developing and coding. Apart from this, DNN has a flexible architecture and provides the developers the necessary tools to extend the functionality of the platform. This means the developers can program a module or skin object in VB or C#. But the question arises, why do most of the DNN skin developers prefer Bootstrap? Here’s the answer.

What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is the most popular front-end framework developed by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton at Twitter to encourage consistency across internal tools. It makes the front-end web development faster and easier and is compatible with varied devices of all shapes and projects of all sizes. Bootstrap is open source and is hosted, developed and maintained on GitHub.

Here are some of the reasons that allow the developers to be more sensitive towards the design aspects.

  • ·         Cross Browser & Device Compatibility
  • ·         Responsive design
  • ·         HTML5 & CSS# support
  • ·         Growing UI library
  • ·         Extreme customization

Creating a skin for DNN is quite similar to creating a module, you can use whatever responsive framework you like. Apart from Bootstrap, DNN developers do prefer DNNFoundation Skin which uses ZURB Foundation, a responsive and powerful framework other than Bootstrap.

What is DNNFoundation Skin?

The skin was created to let people see that there are more responsive frameworks other than Bootstrap. Here are some of the reasons that allow the developers to choose DNNFoundation as their responsive framework for skin design.

  • ·         Fully responsive
  • ·         Uses mobile first principle
  • ·         Easy to customize
  • ·         Offers 21 color themes
  • ·         Clean design displays
  • ·         Easy to learn and much more….

So, which one to choose?

The answer is quite simple. There is no best. All frameworks have some positive and negative points. Some developers prefer Bootstrap because of its huge popularity and community presence while others like Foundation as it is quite easy to learn and offers heavy customization options. Before making your choice on any of the framework make sure to browse the pros and cons of each framework and then make your wise choice. Also, DNN offers opportunity to use whatever you like for skinning or try another framework as per your choice.

To wrap up, there are many more responsive frameworks available in the market other than Bootstrap and Google’s responsive framework. This blog post just highlights some of the good points of the responsive framework adapted to create DNN skins. You can even try out some other frameworks that best suits and meets your business needs…!


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