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12 August 2014

What’s New In DNN 7.3?

DotNetNuke recently announced the release of its latest version, DNN 7.3 with major focus on performance, speed and stability. Some fantastic features were added to this new release such as dramatic improvement in digital asset management, URL management, in site search and much more. Let’s have a look at the amazing features of DNN 7.3 in detail.

Faster page response time

The main concern of a website when any visitor is visiting it for the first time is the speed and page response time. The goal here is to offer the user with increased speed and performance improvement as a result of upgrade to DNN 7.3. You can measure a 25% increase in page speed when upgraded to this latest version of DNN. But how was the faster page response achieved? The DNN developers tuned the database, reduced the page size, improved caching and code profiling to eliminate slow points. This has ultimately resulted in faster page loads with more happier visitors.

Page speed improvement

With the latest version of DNN 7.3 the site administrator’s can witness a dramatic 66% improvement in page speed. The factors that affected the page browsing speed is the excessive amount of content and data stored within a site thus resulting in slower performance of the site as they grew larger. With DNN 7.3 the user can experience a good improvement in page speed no matter how much data is loaded into a site. This is achieved by “lazy loading” content which means fetching up small amount of data to show it on the page and loading more data as and when the administrator requests it. The administrator’s can notice an improvement in page speed and productivity improvement as well.

Page size improvement

Page size is basically the amount of bytes transmitted from a server running Evoq content to the visitor browsing the site. Fewer bytes results in faster transmission and page bytes are highly important in network having lower speed. If a visitor is browsing any site he can see 27% reduction in the number of bytes transmitted and if the administrator is browsing the site he can see 73% redution in the number of bytes transmitted. This shows that there is good improvement in performance and responsiveness of a site when upgraded to DNN 7.3.

Improved search

DNN 7.3 has “Add Module” Control Bar enabling improved search for any module simply by typing into the search box. The search partially matches the module name and once you have found what you were searching for you can use the bookmark function which will add it to your common list. Next time when you wish to add a module it will load the common list of modules which always includes the modules you added earlier. Simply drag and drop from there to the right place on the page. Also, scrolling has been improved which enables you to see modules faster.

Web server groups and web server management

The web server management is further enhanced by addition and removal of servers from a Web Farm. This new enhancement enables and disables server records when the site is scaled in or out.

Apart from these, there are many more small fixes and enhancements in DNN 7.3 to make sure the entire software works in harmony with each other. The customers will surely get great value with this new upgrade and new customers will discover the amazing features of what DNN 7.3 have to offer them!


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