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07 August 2014

How We Developed A Multi-Lingual DNN App In Less Than One Hour Of Time

DotNetNuke one of the world’s largest open-source web application framework is ideal for creating commerical websites, corporate intranets and extranets, online publishing portals and custom vertical applications with ease. If you wish to develop an DNN app for your business here are the few simple steps to follow.

Say, if your DNN developer spent one hour of his time in the development process, he can achieve:

  • A highly functional DNN app ready for redistribution

  • Including TimelineJS – helps to build responsive app

  • TimelineJS automated features which shows images, videos, YouTube, Wikipedia and lots more – just specify the link

  • In page data editing interface which enables easy editing of data

  • Timeline entry is multilingual

  • By default you’ll get - versioned data

  • Enabled draft publishing

  • The web developer can easily customize the app as per the your needs

  • Easy to add other modules in DNN

  • Easy to install app on multiple portals without affecting the functionality of other portals

  • Server safe code in HTML and JS

Once the above steps are completed by the DNN developer, here are few things what the developer can improve with another one hour of development process making it a total of 2 hours. Though the code is not 100% safe but following the below steps will help the user to easily add or edit the data with ease.

  • In-App editing – which makes it easy for the editors to browse through the timeline and edit your record by using new JS-API for inline editing

  • You could have a few lines of c# server code added to enable JSON streaming via code

  • Adding default settings for folder

  • The developer can optimize the JS to handle situations where no data is specified

  • Creating GETTING STARTED instructions in the application catalog which will be displayed to the users reviewing the app settings

  • Add comments to the labels to help users understand what to enter in the input box

  • Catch bugs in JavaScript

What else you could improve in next one hour – totalling 3 hours of development process?

You could add features like:

  • Helpers for easy data editing

  • Translate labels to another languages

  • Add global app settings for central configuration of values

  • Place the timeline items in the HTML for SEO purpose

Just following these few simple steps you can create an amazing DNN app in few hours. Although, this app is not 100% safe code but still you can develop an awesome app by spending just 3 hours of your precious time. If you are willing to develop an app for your business in very short span of time, DotNetNuke is certainly a good choice for you!


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