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Why Active Directory Integration Is Essential With Your DNN Intranet?
22 July 2014

Why Active Directory Integration Is Essential With Your DNN Intranet?


The AD-Pro suite of modules contains the complete set of integration tools for your Active Directory integration needs. Active Directory is one of the ideal module suite and most popular user directory and management servers used now-a-days. Many Fortune 500 companies, universities, business schools and businesses worlwide use secure intranet, extranet and community portals. If you are using Active Directory and are on the DNN platform then in this blog post, we will discuss why its crucial to integrate these two amazing products:

Seamless Authentication for Workforce

Allow your workforce to easily log-in to the intranet site using the same username and password as they use to log-on to your network. The AD-Pro Authentication module is a unique user management solution that easily integrates your content to your intranet user organization. The AD passwords are never stored in DNN infact DNN provides its own user security model to refine user access to your organization. Once the employee is authenticated, they will be automatically registered in DNN and their profile will also get updated with the latest information in AD.

Up-to-date User Directory

The AD-Pro User Directory connects directly with your Active Directory and gives you the ability to view all your AD company user profiles straight from your DNN intranet portal. You can even apply searchable filter on the information according to your preference and keep all your user profile information updated in the Active Directory. Also, you can control what information you wish to display and what you wish to limit to the specific group of users.

Profile Updater

Let your employees manage their own user name, passwords, user profiles etc. without the assistance of an IT helpdesk every time they want to change simple things like contact information or reset their passwords. The AD-Pro Profile Updater provides instant user profile integration into your Active Directory user profile and lets users update both their AD profiles and their DNN profiles through an easy to access DNN intranet.

The Password Expiry Alert and Password Reset modules notify the users that their password is about to expire and even allows them to reset their password easily from within the DNN intranet.

Remote Access Control in One Location

With AD-Pro sync, you have the complete control on your existing Active Directory user base. The AD employee security group information is mapped to DNN roles and permissions when the user logs in and allows you to easily manage access to pages or grant editing rights directly from AD. The IT team can remotely control access to site and content from your Active Directory.

Anytime Access for Everyone.

You can access any information anytime and anywhere via internet. Partners, suppliers and customers can even access secure sections by logging into the intranet portal from anywhere. These external users can have their access managed by the DNN security model while the employees are managed by AD. The AD offers number of choices when it comes to communicating – you can direct connect or expose your site to the internet by opening a firewall or host your site with an external provider. Connect back to an LDAP port connected to your AD and you are now ready to install AD-Pro on Azure cloud servers.

The AD-Pro can easily be integrated with DNN in few minutes. So, what are you thinking? Get in touch with us now for DNN Portal Development & AD-Pro Integration Services…!


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