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21 December 2016

DNN 9- The Major Cornerstone In The DNN Journey

Not so long back, the DNN platform makes a blasting comeback with DNN Evoq to enhance the DNN development and provide its users a new experience. Now, the platform is already in the half-way of bringing a radical change in the development with DNN 9.

Yes, DNN 9, the most awaited version of the DNN that has created much buzz in the market as opposed to its previous versions. These are not rumors while DNN will definitely live up to the hype and users expectations.

To modernize the UI and engineer world-class experience, the latest UI tools are embraced such as React.JS with Redux, Require.JS, ESLint, ES6, npm, web pack, babel, and visual studio pack.

Although DNN 8 has also created a major breakthrough and inspired the developers to craft DNN applications leveraging ASP.NET framework.

The big step is taken to reconstruct the DNN again is to remove the reliance on web forms architecture, continue the support to existing DNN versions, provide freedom to leverage as many as frameworks developers can and completely support the upgrade path.

DNN 9 that’s on the verge of release is the next step to achieve all the defined goals and rebuild the admin, host and control panel.

What features the most heard about DNN 9 is the Persona bar.

Let’s discuss in detail.

With Evoq ENGAGE RELEASE the Persona bar comes into the existence that’s actually meant for the community managers to enhance the admin experience. Later, the experience was so good that it is extended to Evoq content as well.

The persona bar is a management interface which delivers the excellent experience to the numerous persons playing the role of the administrator in the system.

Have a look at the persona bar high-level architecture:

What’s more? What the difference DNN 9 Persona bar has created?

The persona bar wholly reversed the control panel concept and enable the developers to craft UI in the minimal time and with minimum reliance over shortcuts. It has alleviated the need to use modules and pages to build the UIs as it’s complete framework packed with necessary administrative tools.

Moreover, no conflicts between CSS and JavaScript will be created as persona bar uses iFrame to keep both separate in the website. Also, it works as a helping hand to the developers by providing an extensibility point to create amazing administrative features.

The advantages of persona bar are phenomenal, so be the first to review them.

Here, I insist you to review the unexpected features that DNN 9 has brought along. They are:

1) Usability has grown by manifolds

Over the years, the admin and host modules have changed a lot with every new version and new updates of the DNN. In the DNN 9, the different settings are grouped together in such a way that if one setting is changed, then all the settings get impacted.

Well, the settings are distinguished with two types of settings- site-specific settings and the global settings, when one digs into the depth.

The global settings come into the picture only when the users are logged in with permissions, otherwise, the global settings behave as if they would have never existed.

2) Lets users to do multiple tasks amazingly

Enabling the users to do multi-tasks is not new, while the uniqueness of DNN 9 lies in saving the users work even while working in a new window.

Let’s clear up the air with an instance:

When you are editing the configuration files and working on its multiple lines, suddenly someone interrupts you by asking for a SQL query reports immediately. You opened the SQL view, and run the query to provide the SQL reports. Before head on to previous work, someone calls you to provide the URL of the new marketing campaign. To provide the URL, you navigate the page and sent the same. Finally, you have completed all the required work to be done on the urgent basis and when moved back to the configuration manager, the updates are still there. They have not get removed because of the multiple switching.

This way your work won’t get lost when you are stuck in different tasks simultaneously.

3) New add-ons

Although, it’s not officially declared from the DNN 9 that what are the new features they are going to add. But, it’s clearly specified that what pages are going to be replaced by the counterparts.

The host and admin pages the users are used to make use of will be substituted by other in the persona bar. It’s proposed that in the extension management area the Store/Forge integration is missing, which should be come up with DNN 9. However, nothing is stipulated about Store/Forge integration.

What the future holds for DNN 9?

The DNN has made a lot of promises to the users and developers, and able to live up to the expectations up to some extent. Till now, the users are mainly looking for speed optimization and improved administrator UI. With DNN 9, it’s anticipated that both complaints will be resolved.

Administrator look is fixed with persona bar concept and its improvement and speed issue is addressed to some level. It seems the DNN 9 version will close all the gaps that’re distracting the users to another platform.

What do you think? Do have some points to elaborate or that suggests the DNN 9 will certainly the epic success? If so, do share your views in the comments below.


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