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10 November 2016

DNN Is One of the Best CMS Tools for Development

In order to get a competitive edge, coming up with a business website is important. And to do this, one requires a custom CMS. Sure, Content Management System is nothing new, however, with a number of platforms surfacing every year in the market, it becomes hard sometimes to take a decision while selecting a perfect tool for web development.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re required to set up a portal or some blog to maintain a web presence, some appealing e-commerce websites, or anything else in order to enhance your online presence. A CMS is always there to serve your specific needs. What kind of CMS do you need depends on your requirements, which is why you need to decide your website’s purpose at the first place.

When we’re talking about CMS development tools, DNN is the best name that pops up in our mind at first. It’s the best out of all. Sure, you might disagree or wouldn’t be aware. That’s the reason we have listed a few points below which will help you clearing your doubts to a certain extent. Take a look.

DNN Features

DotNetNuke development is a favored choice. It’s an open source platform, which intends to allow website management with less technical experience.


This is considered as a mandatory digital marketing power that boosts conversion rates. DNN enables clients to make personalization rules, which tailors the contents of sites based on visitors’ profiles. Here, the rules are best on ad clicks, search terms, geography, gender, account registration, age, referral source, and recent visits.


Content analysis on a page level is another great feature offered by DNN. Statistics on conversions, page views, unique visitors, and referrers are often presented as a part of overlay on every web page, via data that is collected and handled by Evoq. No matter what the level of analytical proficiency any marketer has, they can immediately understand the performance of their content without the trouble of navigating towards a separate system of web analytics.


The answer to this question is the small tactics, little efforts and a pinch of skills. In the real scenario, these have made possible for the businesses and their partners to monetize with a great ease.


This offers a centralized access to content repositories which are cloud hosted. Evoq 8 consists of built-in connectors to SharePoint, Box, Amazon S3, and Dropbox, meanwhile making it easier to get an access to any section of digital asset or content from a single window. This allows content producers and marketers to utilize content storage service of their choice or use multiple services, without the necessity of wasting valuable time, duplicating effort, and without moving files.


It plays the role of a strong advocate for marketing. It enables marketers to start activating the existing brand advocates on their websites by the means of rewarding them whenever they share content on personal social media platforms. The advocacy marketing is a capability integrated with native gamification engine of Evoq and engages clients by issuing challenges, keeping a tab on challenge completions, and awarding badges, points, or other similar designated incentives.

DotNetNuke works quite well and has a broad variety of add-ins, which are available to buy from various vendors. Also, it is an open source, like we mentioned so it’s a great thing. It allows you to troubleshoot problems to a deeper level compared to the case if it was a closed source. All of these qualities make it a better CMS tool for development than its competitors.


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