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04 November 2016

How DNN Website Can Impact The Business Revenue?

DotNetNuke website is the CMS websites that offer endless opportunities to the businesses to innovate and grab users’ attention. The DNN is compatible with Microsoft and uses ASP.NET for the programming of the DNN websites.

A lot of benefits DNN offer. They are:

- A record is maintained in the virtual memory that can be restored anytime, anywhere

- Only authorized person are eligible to do the changes in the code

- Alluring styles and layout can be designed

- Emailing in the bulk is possible at the flick of the switch

- The performance of the web app is good

Well, it’s understood that developing and designing the website with DNN is pain-sailing. But, how about the business revenue. How can businesses earn huge bucks with DNN website development?


The answer to this question is the small tactics, little efforts and a pinch of skills. In the real scenario, these have made possible for the businesses and their partners to monetize with a great ease.

The very next question is what are those features or modules that DNN provides using which businesses can generate the revenue. Let’s take a glance at all the features or modules with which DNN is equipped with and allow the businesses to gain the huge benefits:

1) Advertisement management

DNN provides- Banner Module that endows the capability to rotate the advertisements every time when the page loads, and also measure and keep the record of a number of the clicks each advertisement is getting.

Using the module, both text-basedadvertisements and image-based advertisements such as Banners, Skyscraper, Block, Button, and Microbutton can be managed.

In the text-based ads, the businesses are allowed to select the existing ads or create the new one by entering the scripts through programs such as Google Adsense.

The benefit that Banner module bring to the businesses is in offering the visitors a new ad whenever they refresh the page. This variation in the advertisements improve the chances of getting the ads clicked at first seen.

2) Subscription management

Yes, you can set the subscription payment for your website. The Subscription Module provided by the DNN can help in achieving the same. You can make the certain content like- audio, video, articles or other downloads of your website premium and users are allowed to view them only when they have subscribed to the website.

Manual subscription eats up a lot of time and efforts. That’s where subscription module makes the management easier and allow the businesses to provide quality support to the users that delight the end-users.

3) Sales management

One more lucrative module- Store Module can turn the website into an Ecommerce store where businesses can set up a store. On the store, businesses can display the products/services they will provide to the users, showcase the global delivery options, accept the payment with credit card supportand offer 24/7 flawless support.

It’s great! Isn’t it? Businesses can start earning with the module that will help in the management of the sales as well.


Revenue generation is a big deal. That’s absolutely true. But, it will become an easy deal between the business and users when the smart minds and technology combines.

Same is the case with DNN websites. The platform offers a lot of perks that’s when smartly used by the businesses, earning the revenue becomes a breeze. Trying different approaches and figuring out which methods works best is a way to run, grow and prosper the businesses.

Skyrocket your business with DotNetNuke development.


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