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14 October 2016

Where should You Run Your DNN Website on Cloud or On-Premises?

One of the main concerns for every organization or business that is looking for a website development in the present age is whether to run their website on-premises or to look out for the latest cloud deployment model. But, before that it’s also important to select an appropriate web content management system that can provide all the desired features for developing the type of website you are looking for.

DNN or DotNetNuke is one of the best CMS platforms which can support simple to dynamic websites while providing them all the features and functionalities required to better manage the website and its content on the whole. It is among the top open source web CMS platforms in the world preferred by most of the small to mid-sized enterprises for their web development needs. Easy content personalization, improved performance and scalability, unmatched security and easy performance tracking are some of the lucrative features that compel enterprises to go for DotNetNuke CMS development for their business needs.

So, once you have made up your mind to go for DotNetNuke development to build your website, the next thing you need to do is to determine whether to run it on your own infrastructure or to deploy it on the cloud.

When you opt for an on-premises model, you shall be responsible for setting up and managing the infrastructure required for your website deployment. Let us now have a look at the requirements for on-premises deployment of your DNN website.


To run your website, you shall require servers and they could range from one to more. You will require investing in servers either you get them on your own or lease the server services. In addition to these server purchasing or service leasing costs, you shall also have to invest in other various requirements like power, cooling, facilities and more. You would need additional hardware for things like networking, backup, load balancing etc.


You will require specialist system administrators for installation and management of software and hardware systems, resolving issues, upgradation and trouble shooting. Moreover, database administrators and security management experts are a must to deploy and manage your website on-premises.

Upgradation and Maintenance

You need to upgrade your operating systems on a regular basis in order to keep your servers running. Regular security patch updates are mandatory to ensure safety of your website from intruders. It’s necessary to catch up with the new versions of DNN software as well to keep up-to-date with technology and have the best features in your website. You shall require separate hardware and copies of the application when testing upgrades for your CMS.

Growth Estimates

Enterprises should install enough capacities to plan future growth and escape further hardware or software purchases in the near future. You need to forecast growth and look out for estimated hardware and bandwidth for future requirements as well while you shall certainly not be sure of whether the requirements may exceed or fall short of the hardware or installations done already. Hence, this can lead you to further investments or can cost you heavily.

Deploying on Cloud

As compared to the on-premises deployment, cloud deployment model is rather much specific and easy. Just with a small fee, you can start up your subscription for getting your site on cloud without requiring to invest in initial hardware set ups as with the on-premises deployment.

With cloud deployments you need not plan out for future scalability with multiplying requirements as you can add more servers whenever required and pay only for what you got.

As you can employ PaaS model, the ongoing maintenance costs are no matter for cloud deployments. So, as you deploy your DNN website on cloud, you can be free from the heavy maintenance costs.

It’s very expensive to achieve stability with on-premises deployments which can be employed very easily with cloud environment.

Hence, if you are looking for DotNetNuke development for your website, make sure you opt for cloud deployment for it in order to reduce your set up and maintenance costs and achieve significant cloud environment benefits like scalability, stability, cost efficiency and much more.


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