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07 October 2016

Top 5 DNN Blog Modules to Look Out For

In the highly advancing sectors like e-commerce, sharing information related to products becomes quite important. Coping up with the demands, DNN blog modules have been proven to be quite effective.

Blogs are a core part of any website. Time and again, every business ranging from small to large, include blogs on their website.

Do you wish to give your business a boost by offering a better insight to customers about your products? If yes, then start updating your websites frequently with blogs.

Sure, you always need to seek for the best. Here are the top 5 DNN blog modules.

Top 5 DNN Blog Modules

1. Xblog:

xBlog arrives packed with unique design style and powerful functions. Not only does it features article management function, but also special functions.

These include ping service, theme managing, and editing template. Here, you can develop various types of blog interface.

You can easily import, export, and switch between different themes simultaneously. DotNetNuke Development in the feature takes care of your needs.

Furthermore, xBlog offers various pretty themes along with DNN blog skin in order to build a website.

Key Features

- Friendly blog URLs
- Comment management functionalities
- Spam comments filtering functionalities
- Article timing release function
- Multiple author support functions

2. SunBlogNuke 6.x:

SunBlogNuke offers a focus on ease of extensibility, usability, simplicity, and web standards.

It offers a great set of modules for blogging on DNN site.

Key Features

- XHTML 1.0 compliant.
- Web 2.0
- Multi- Language Support
- XML-RPC interface
- Highly Flexible
- Customizable
- Multi-Author Support
- Cool Themes

3. Post IT Blog

This is very simple yet quite powerful module for creating exciting websites.

It ideal for articles and news.

You can create a post and categorize it.

Key Features

- User-Friendly Interface
- Tags and Categories
- Social Features
- Track and Manage Comments
- Free Updates
- Friendly URLs
- Free DNN Skin Availability

4. EasyDNNnews

This is one of the most powerful blog modules. It makes it easier for non-technical users to publish and manage articles.

You can easily add images to the articles.

Thanks to versatility due to DotNetNuke development model, you can use this for product catalogs.

Key Features

- Advanced media management
- Integration with EasyDNNgallery
- Responsive layout
- Template driven layout and design
- Can be used for FAQs, online user instructions, knowledge bases, product catalogs, online tutorials, etc.
- Makes it possible to work fast through quick access toolbar

5. LGI Blog

This is a highly flexible blog module, which offers several great features.

The admin panel is nice and clean allowing users to add new posts easily.

Key Features

- SEO-optimized URLs
- Friendly user interface
- Social Features
- Tag and Categories
- Monthly calendar highlighting published posts
- Count of published posts
- Enables widgets on any page

Blogging offers several benefits by disseminating service or product information, news, valuable suggestions, and thoughts. These are the top DNN blog modules which will offer you the best service in the market. So, what are views? Made any choice yet?



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