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24 August 2016

Super Six Ways To Speed Up Your DNN Website

Today, no one has patience to wait. Fast…is what everyone wants.

Everyone wants each and everything to be done right in a moment. This applies even in the case of a website loading time as well. According to present statistics, a user is less likely to stay on a website that doesn’t open up within 2 seconds. Even a second delay in website loading can cost several pounds for businesses and can result in the ultimate loss of sales and customers. So, website speed is very crucial for the businesses to get ahead of the competition in the modern era.

And, this applies for all kinds of websites irrespective of what platform they are based on. Whether it is a DNN website, a WordPress website, Magento website or any other type of website, speed really matters for all. If you want to attract customers to your business website, you need to optimize it for best performance.

Here we would be talking about a DNN website.

So, what can make your DNN website run like a horse? What are those magical actions that can get more visitors to your site and ultimately, more sales for your business?

In simple words, how will you optimize your DNN Website?

There can be possibilities that a few of you might have opted for DNN website development for your business quite a long time ago. Earlier your website was productive and working well for your business needs. But, now it seems to be loading really slow. So, what should you do with it?

Here are the super six methods that will give answers for all your needs of DNN website performance optimization. Whether you have built your website long time ago or recently, there are a few important things on which you can bank on to improve the performance of your DotNetNuke website.

  1.        1. Get going with the Latest Version

This specifically is an important fact to consider for those who had opted for DNN website development long time ago. Those who have got their websites on old DotNetNuke versions need to get them updated to the latest in order to reap the best profits from the CMS platform. There will be many improvements and bug fixes for the previous versions in the latest DNN versions. Hence, by getting your hands on the latest version, you can very well optimize your DotNetNuke website for better overall performance.

  1.        2. Minimize the HTTP Requests

HTTP requests are the requests made to the server for transfer of files or some information. This request and response activity takes time and increase the page loading time. Hence it’s mandatory to cut out the HTTP requests made from a web page. You need to reduce the number of components on a web page to reduce the number HTTP requests passed from it. The best way to do this to reduce the number of JavaScript file, CSS files and images. This can be done with minification or combining process to boost up the website loading time.


  1.        3. HTML Optimization is necessary

Very often while designing the website, the designers copy paste some portions from other applications. This can bring in some heavy HTML components into your web page that can ultimately slow down its performance. Hence, it’s always a good practice not to copy paste as it is from other applications. Check out and then modify it to include simple HTML structures and standard compliant codes which can be easily parsed by the browsers. Prefer the components which take lesser time to load than those that are heavy.

  1.        4. Use CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Content Delivery Network is a group of servers distributed across a global network. When you use a CDN for your website, you shall be assured of high availability for content, which is cached, compressed and then sent to the visitors. This ultimately boost up the performance of your DNN website.

  1.        5. Caching and Compression

Caching can be performed on both sides – Server-side as well as Client-side. Server-side caching will reduce the queries made to the database while the client-side or browser caching will reduce the number requests made to the server for information or file access. Hence, in both the cases loading time is saved.

GZip compression is also one of the widely adopted practices to boost up the website performance. Compressing the content or components of your web page will reduce the page size. Lesser is the size of the page, faster it will be loaded. Hence, you can also go for GZip compression to improve the loading time of your web pages.

  1.        6. Select a Hosting Service Wisely

Whether you are hosting your website with a normal hosting provider or cloud hosting provider, you will only get what you pay for. Hence, select hosting services wisely to suit best your website needs. Avoid shared hosting, in case you are looking to host a business website. The hosting infrastructure dedicated to your website will help in smooth and fast performance of your website.

Hence, start to capitalize on these points from right now to get out the maximum benefits for your DNN website. You can ensure best results from these DNN website performance optimization practices by implementing them in the best way possible and within the earliest time.

Only proficient DNN developers would adopt the development practices keeping in mind the performance of the website. Hence, if you are looking to hire such proficient developers for your DNN website development, then just feel free to contact us at dnnextension.com


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