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19 August 2016

Should You Prefer DNN For Your Website, If Security Is Your Concern?

DNN or DotNetNuke is one of the most popular content management systems in the world. It is a hit among the enterprises that are looking to create a sustainable yet cost effective online presence for themselves in order to get ahead of the competition. As a Content Management System, DNN offers great features to its users, security being the most important of all.

Why prefer DNN for Your Website?

DNN makes on to the list of the best web CMSs in the world for building enterprise websites. There are several reasons why enterprises prefer it as CMS for their websites like

  •          > It’s easy updating or making changes to the website content without any help of a developer or external administrator.
  •          > You can completely control the content on your website easily.
  •          > Based on ASP.NET, it is an extensible platform that can be integrated with custom modules and extensions to suit any business application.
  •          > DNN websites have an efficient code base that ensures that website runs quickly to provide users with better user experiences.
  •          > DNN has several global partners to support it. Hence, you are investing safe by considering DNN website development for your entrepreneurial needs.

However, above all these things what matter for the enterprises is the security of their websites.

DNN as a Secure Web CMS

DotNetNuke provides thorough security to the websites with a built-in security model within its CMS architecture. The DNN based websites do not have to depend on any third-party applications for security as they are already integrated with good security features that are present within the CMS itself.

DNN has a security policy which the company and its community are following since past 11 years. The policy ensures total transparency with security vulnerabilities of the platform that arise over time. Here DNN has a security task force that not only identifies the security vulnerabilities, but also issues security bulletins to inform the community about the severity of the vulnerabilities and possible fixes to take care of or actions to be taken in order to prevent or tackle with these vulnerabilities. The firm has a security center where it places all this security information for its users to read online.

Hence, security is properly handled by DNN community in order to ensure complete safety of the websites that rely on this platform for undisputable online presence.


DNN is an open source platform, then how is it secure?

Many of them think that open source software and platforms are highly vulnerable to the security threats. But, this is not completely true. Both open source and proprietary software face the same security issues and need protection from security breaches all the time.

But, with DNN, security concerns are less because this is built on a robust and a highly secure architecture of .NET. Moreover, being open source, it has advantages over the other proprietary platforms for which security patches and updates are not available quick and easily. DNN has a huge network of developers and dedicated security team which means that security patches are readily available when the security issues arise.

Moreover, DNN offers improved abilities to manage user roles and thus, restricts the content access to the specific members of the website. The platform has built-in security roles and allows to create custom user roles as well. Hence, as the content access is specified to the restricted users, you can be assured of complete safety of your website content and data.

One of the major factors for reliability on DNN platform is its wide client base which includes a number of major enterprises including The United States Department of Defense. Yes, with such major websitesrelying on DNN, DNN is surely a great CMS platform to rely on for the enterprise needs.

So, if you are looking to go online with a web CMS, consider DotNetNuke website development for complete reliability, security and flexibility for your online presence. 


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