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09 June 2015

Use Evoq’s Content Analytics To Checkout Real Time Data Of Your Website On The Go

Evoq’s content analytics: What is it?
To everyone who is sitting out there who do not know the significance of Evoq’s content analytics, here is a simple explanation for you. Let us assume you want to update a page on your website and you want to check out the page views. So, instead of switching to another tab of the browser and logging in into the web analytics system, the Evoq’s content analytics lets you see the page views and all the analytics while editing the page. It is as simple as clicking on ‘analytics’ to view the page views and clicking on ‘view site’ to come back on the website page. In short, you will be able to switch the pages just by clicking on the buttons in the menu; as simple as that!

Evoq’s content analytics

Why Evoq’s content analytics: The benefits

1. Hassle free access to the real time data:

It can be annoying to switch between your website and web analytics system. The Evoq’s content analytics lets you lets you look into the analytics when you are editing your web page. Viewing the real time data is at your fingertips, when you are on Your Web CMS. Oh yes, all the data are real time!

2. A perfect representation of all the important metrics:

There is no point in getting a lot of information and figures, if they are not useful to us. Evoq’s content analytics gives the useful information which the marketers care about. Some of those include page views, sessions, bounce rate and top operating systems. It also provides the information regarding unique visitors, time on page, top referrers and conversions.

As if these were not enough, the information for a particular day, week, month or year is just a click away. The last, but certainly not the least; the navigation summary gives you the visual representation of the top referring pages and top exit pages on the left and the right side respectively.

3. Smooth flow on the data driven websites:

Getting the data of several pages of the website on the go, while you are just browsing like a smooth journey is something incredible; that Evoq’s content analytics can provide you.

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For example if you want to go for the health check of a website; you might want some basic information like page views, top referrer and exit pages as well as time on the page; of a few pages. If you do that through the web analytics system, you will need to copy and paste the URL of each page you want to get information.

On the other side, the Evoq’s content analytics lets you check out the same information on the go while you are browsing the website, just by clicking on the ‘Analytics’ button. The journey of checking out analytics could never be so easy and smooth. With the help of Evoq’s content analytics, you can take on such journeys of your website on the regular basis.
Now that you are aware of the benefits of Evoq’s content analytics, you must make the most out of it as soon as possible!


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