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20 May 2015

Choosing DNN over other CMS: Comparison with WordPress, Drupal and Joomla

Everyone knows that a CMS is. It is a content management system through which the websites can be made easily, quickly and cost effectively. So, here we shall not discuss what CMS is. Instead, we will discuss about various content management systems and compare some of the most popular ones with the DNN.

Nowadays, a website is developed using an open source content management systems. This is one of the wisest options, as it is extremely easy to use the CMS. Out of so many CMSs, people make the choice according to their tasks. It is obvious that if it is blogging website, then they will use WordPress and Drupal will be used for the large scale website. The newbie developers who intend to learn use Joomla CMS, as it is easier as compared to others; whereas the Dot net developers prefer using the DNN, DotNetNuke.

Out of all the content management systems out there, DNN is the best. DNN website development is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. To show how, let us compare the DotNetNuke with some of the top CMSs like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. So, here we go…

Why choose DNN over Wordpress? - DNN WordPress Comparison

‘It is easier to use Wordpress than to use DNN’ is nothing, but a myth. Well, the admin panel is built in the website so editing a page is too easy. All you need to do is drag and drop, which is easier than WordPress.

Also, Wordpress has got no implementation for .Net, whereas DNN is widely adopted by the .Net developers.

Apart from that, WordPress was never developed as a CMS; it was a blogging platform. So, it is obvious that DNN includes more CMS features than that of the WordPress.

Why choose DNN over Drupal? - DNN Drupal Comparison

When we compare DNN and Drupal, DNN proves to be superior when it comes to support. As there is no commercial version of Drupal, there is no direct support from Drupal. All the support comes from the third party which might not be reliable. On the other side, DNN has got the support from the DNN Corp. as well as the community support.

Drupal (PHP based) generally runs on Linux, where as DNN (DOT NET based) runs on Windows, increasing the levels of security. So, for a business, DNN is better option than Drupal.

Why choose DNN over Joomla? - DNN Joomla Comparison

There is no doubt that there are number of customizable templates available in Joomla for building up websites, which is advantageous in terms of design of the website. However, this results into similar designs of a number of websites.

This drawback is defeated by DNN in which there is a ‘skinning’ feature that separates content from design. So, DNN can be used to make unique websites, being superior to Joomla.

Unlike Joomla admin which is not user friendly, it is easier to edit pages in DNN, thus making the content changes easier and quicker than ever.

Wrapping up…

Now that you have gone through the comparison of DNN with all the three popular content management systems, you must know how DNN is better than the rest and that why one should use the DotNetNuke for developing websites.


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