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15 May 2015

Top 8 reasons to choose Evoq Content for your business website

For everyone sitting out there who is not aware of the Evoq Content yet, you must know that, it is nothing, but a CMS to deliver modern web experiences. Through Evoq, the businesses can reach out to their customers and turn their ideas and imaginations into reality. Though built on the same age old ASP.NET technology, the DNN Evoq Content has got some additional features and functionalities that have got capabilities to provide high performance and better support.

DNN has got thousands of modules, extensions and skins with the help of which it can provide a comprehensive range of services to all types of businesses. The Evoq content can help businesses to take their website to the next level. Hundreds of thousands of businesses use it to build content-rich websites. The reason behind the increase in number of enterprises making the use of Evoq is its innumerable benefits and amazingly unbelievable features.
Here are some of the most important ways that Evoq Content can take your website to the new heights…

Powerful and easy to use: It is extremely easy to understand and easy to use. Even the novice tech savvy person can upload the content on the user-friendly interface using the drag and drop functionality and auto save it.

Document management: The digital asset manager of Evoq Content lets the businesses manage their assets online. Well, you can not only view the documents, but also add the files which you want to share and assign the access rights to the particular users and manage the workflow.

Extensibility: As the developers have got the APIs, they get the set of libraries with the help of which they can build web applications and integrate their websites with mobile devices as well as other websites.

Security: It is extremely safe and secured as it protects the content and keeps a track of who can view, edit, add and delete the content. In order to give business owners peace of minds, it adds a layer of extra security by assigning permission for including the modules, page and folder levels.

Mobile optimization: It has got easy to use interface so that it becomes extremely easy to develop the mobile versions of the website.

Ecommerce: Online store owners can generate high revenue by managing your eCommerce website by uploading products on their own and modifying the information as and when they want. It facilitates easy check out process, order management and product updates.

Localization: It is easy to extend and maintain the websites in multiple languages like English, Spanish and Arabic, to name a few.

Support: It has got extensive documentation which has got use manuals and community built up by the DNN experts to solve any issues related to DNN.

Wrapping up…

With the endless opportunities and possibilities, the Evoq content is more than perfect for building all kinds of websites; be it mobile website, eCommerce websites or social media websites. So, if you want to get your website built, you must definitely check out our DNN website development services at DNN extension.


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